12 Most Lonely Houses in the World

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Twelve of the world’s most lonely homes

The world’s population keeps growing, which means that places to live are getting smaller and less roomy. The days of having big gardens, homes by beautiful bodies of water, and a small living area surrounded by trees where you could breathe fresh air and not have to share it with anyone else for at least a quarter mile are pretty much over. We call those times “The good old days.” We still wish we had something like that today, though. In fact, in this world, a house in the middle of nature, away from noisy neighbours and polluted environments, would be a real blessing. Many of us dream of living alone in the woods or on an island in the middle of nowhere, but some people have made their dreams come true. In the most remote parts of the world, these are the homes that people have said are the most lonely.

Canada’s Just Room Enough Island

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

There is only room for one lucky house on this island, and that is the one above. The house does get hugs from the water sometimes during high tide, but during low tide, the proud owner can make a dream yard with comfy chairs to enjoy the soft sunlight. Beautifully, the island has grown out of the middle of Canada’s Saint Lawrence River. It is one of the world’s most remote homes.

The Hermitage of San Colombano in Italy

PC: Wikimedia Commons


People who like being high up and think that living on the 20th floor of a building is worth a lot would be jealous of the people who live in Hermitage. In 1319, the Hermitage of San Colombano was built into the side of a cliff in the middle of a deep valley.

The city of Stockholm
A house with fancy glass doors, a wooden look, and an outdoor sauna that makes living in the Swedish weather easier can be found on a 137-square-meter island in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing else you could want. This is the height of privacy and comfort.


Island of Ellidaey in Iceland

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ellidaey Island in Iceland is the place to go if you love being alone or are desperately seeking privacy or seclusion. Imagine living in the middle of a huge rock covered in grass that is surrounded by water. The only other people there would be some stray cattle that live in the mysterious blue water below. Feeling excited? That’s too bad; it looks like you really want the out of the way house in the world. Good job!


Hong Kong

Spend a few days in a town to get away from city life. But I guess someone got too excited about living in a town because he bought a house in the middle of a big field. In any case, the house is both peaceful and beautiful.

Sweden Norway

The red house in Norway is the only colour you can see on the white, sparkling land. It looks more like Santa Claus standing on snow. What’s better than being alone? A body of water! You only have water, snow, the red house, and some plants there.

Germany Austria

You might start to feel bad about being alone now. The majesty of this beauty stands alone on a hill with snow and tall trees. When you’re calm, it will feel like meditation, and when you hear birds singing, it will sound like music.

The Polish

It might take a pinch to feel alive here. You would only be able to see ice in this lonely spot in Poland. There are mountains and a house covered in ice. It’s so quiet here that you could hear a pin drop.

That country

The houses may have already been lived in, so I’m not sure about them, but this remote Italian lodge can give you some peace and quiet. Along the Hills of Dolomites, you can get away from bothersome neighbours and feel like you’ve gone to a different world with not many people to talk to.

The Faroe Islands

On the Faroe Islands, there is a house that sits alone on a huge, uneven cliff that is covered in lush green grass. As before, there is one house on a hill with water on all four sides.

Great Britain

In their hearts, everyone wants to live in the woods, where there are only birds, animals, and trees with waving branches. In the woods of Scotland, this house is just like the picture you have in your head.

The Fafe Mountains

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Casa do Penedo looks like a stone house from Portugal. Since there is no power in the house, candles are the only way to see at night. Four big rocks were used to build the house, which is more than forty years old.

These places are quiet and help you connect with yourself more deeply. For many reasons, if you can’t live in any of those places, you can at least pretend to live there through pictures, words, and maybe even a quiet visit to these empty houses. won’t hurt you either.

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