12 signs you’re an alpha female and most men find you intimidating

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You are currently viewing 12 signs you’re an alpha female and most men find you intimidating

There are 12 signs that you are an alpha female and most men find you scary.

When was the last time you heard of an alpha female? You know, those strong, independent women. Are you sure they’re that strong, or do you think that’s just how they look? Yes, I’m also interested in that. The good thing about watching someone is that you can always learn something about them. We can tell from some signs that you have a soft heart even if you are a strong alpha female. Let’s read them all together!

1. People always look at you, and it’s not because you want to be. That’s just how things are. Because you’re sure of yourself, everyone at the party will want to talk to you. The people you work with will ask you for help with a job when you’re there. They always trust you because you are a natural leader, and they can tell by watching how you handle things.

2. Your life has a meaning. You work hard every day to reach your goals. It only talks about who you are, and to be honest, you don’t know how to live any other way. Day after day, you work on yourself to get better and stronger. You don’t like being normal. There is no stopping you until you reach your goal. You were born to be a winner in every part of your life.

3. You like being alone. Did you know that some people don’t like being alone? You’re not one of them, though. Sometimes being by yourself is the best way to recover and think about your life. If you don’t take time for yourself every day, you won’t feel good. Thinking about what you did and how to fix things is something you like to do. You do other things when you’re by yourself, though. To relax, you like to fill up a tub, drink cold champagne, and watch your favourite TV show.

4. You understand how important balance is to you. You are trying hard to achieve balance in every part of your life. Your body is your holy grail, so you take good care of it. You are, on the other hand, trying to grow mentally because you know that knowledge and wisdom are more interesting than good looks. You’re just trying to find balance in everything around you, and you’re really good at it.

5. Change doesn’t bother you; a real alpha female won’t be afraid of it. She will even accept it as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. You don’t mind if it’s moving to a new flat or getting a new car. Change for the better is more important than change for the worse. It feels great to make small changes in your life every once in a while. People who don’t change are like ghosts.

6.There’s nothing strange about the fact that you love people. All of the people in the world are loved because you believe they were put here to help others. Your love is true, loyal, and doesn’t change. Some people have trouble talking to people of the opposite gender, but you’re sure of yourself. It won’t be hard to meet and get to know someone you like if you see them. Doing things like this makes you a real boss woman.

7. Sometimes people don’t get you – Few things can change the way you think or feel about the things you believe in. Everyone in the world is trying to be the same. They drive the same cars and wear the same clothes. Their makeup looks almost the same too. You’re not that, though. You don’t want to be with them because you’re happy in your own little world.

8. You love taking chances. A wise man once said, “He who dares wins!” That’s also true for you. You like to take chances and try new things. You feel like your heart is beating faster, which moves you. You see what other people see as a risk as a chance, and most of the time, you’re right. You naturally like to take chances.

9. One of your best traits is that you never give up. You will be great and stand out from other people if you do it. When you want to reach a goal, you are determined and won’t give up. Nobody can change your mind about how sure you are that you can make things better.

10. You rarely show how you feel. You’ll always be smiling, even if everything is going wrong in your life. You are the only one who needs to know about your problems; no one else does. You will tell them as you see fit. You only want the best for other people and don’t want to pull them down with your feelings. You will cry in your own place if you need to, not somewhere where other people can see you. That’s what an alpha female will usually do. Being an alpha female can be good and bad at the same time. If you hold back your feelings too much, it can hurt your relationships.

11. You help your friends with their problems, even if it’s not your business. You always treat their problems as if they were your own. You will talk to someone who is bothering your friends, but only after you have thought about what will happen. You listen with a lot of patience, so people are happy to tell you their secrets. They are sure you will always keep them. People should never be hurt unless they earn it. Then you can be a real beast!

12. It’s so easy to read people – People don’t even know how well you can read them. Just watch how they move and act when they’re in front of you. You can tell if they are telling lies, being mean, or being honest!

Men may find you scary because you have all of these traits, but don’t worry. There are people out there who can handle us. Alpha women, unite!

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