A Guy Notices The Cutest Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window

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A person sees the cutest little squirrels sleeping outside his window.

The cutest pictures 😍

A few months ago, Ludwig C. Timm saw some movement at his home in Germany. It turned out that someone was making something right outside his bathroom window.


“At first, we only saw a few small branches on the window sill. “We thought the wind had blown them there,” Timm told The Dodo. “After that, we saw the squirrels building.”

This was where the squirrels chose to start a family and build their nest.


Timm, a photographer, had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take pictures of squirrels up close when the baby arrived. This was especially true as the furry family grew.

The nest was more than just a place to sleep, of course. It had a nursery too.


Timm has been watching the squirrels and their growing young outside his window for months. Out of all the shots of their everyday lives, one picture stands out.

When Timm was keeping an eye on the nest the other day, he saw that the squirrels were curled up and sleeping:


Timm said, “It was very lucky for me to be able to take pictures of the squirrels sleeping.” “Often, they sleep in the nest, but that day it was so hot that they slept outside where I could see them.”

A few squirrels sleeping might not seem like much. But seeing it for yourself is priceless.

A few sticks outside of Timm’s window were the first sign of trouble.

Timm said, “It’s a wonderful coincidence that they chose that spot.” “We watched the squirrels grow up.”

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