It was an Accessory to a Common Grooming Tool, But It’s Now Nothing More Than an Antique Relic

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It used to be an attachment for a common grooming tool, but now it’s just an old piece of junk.

The chance to find something new when you move into an old house is one of the best parts. There are lots of cool things that people have found hidden in their walls, basements, attics, and floors. In a house that was 100 years old, an odd old artefact was found. It’s an old marble razor blade sharpener that doesn’t look anything like what you might think it would.

Image source: eBay

Not Sure About a Toy

The old item has been confused for “Clackers” because it looks like a popular children’s toy from the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, many people have different ideas about where the strange item came from. The clackers, on the other hand, were made from string and plastic balls made of acrylic. The old artefact, on the other hand, is made up of two glass marbles with a steel stick and a wooden or metal base.

What does the old razor blade sharpener do, then? From the name you can tell, it was used to help sharpen razor blades in the 1930s. It looks like not much is known about the ancient artifact’s past, but its intricate design shows how well things were made by hand back then. A beautiful reflection of things we don’t see as often as we used to.

Shaving in Many Steps



Shaving has been done in a number of different ways over the course of history. Razors have changed over time from being made of clam shells and shark teeth to being made of heavy metal and coming in a cool little kit to being throwaway 4-5 bladed razors and electric razors. What used to be a sign of wealth and status is now something that most men and women do. Shaving may have started as early as 4000 BCE, or even earlier. It’s been shown in cave drawings that shells and sharpened flint were used to shave. Also, real gold and copper razors have been discovered in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

As the trend of shaving has grown, new designs have added more blades to a single razor to make it safer and more accurate.

Filling an Important Role


The old marble razor blade is still a very useful and stylish tool to have around, even if it seems out of date. They can still be used to make knives and straight-edged shears sharp. Not only is the razor sharpener very easy to use, but it stays smooth and even sharpens the blade all the way along, unlike modern sharpeners that can get rough and jagged. To keep knives and razors sharp, just run the blade a few times between the two rocks.

It’s interesting that this artefact is also popular with antique collectors and researchers who like well-made tools from the past. There isn’t a lot of information out there, but many Reddit users have found the old marble razor blade sharpener in old boxes in the shed and other places. A lot of people have asked what it is, and the answers have been helpful, if not a little funny.

Image source: WorthPoint

“I knew that one!” I heard that my grandfather sold these door to door when he was young and it was the Great Depression. He said he would have a new blade palmed and ask the customer for one of their old blades to show how well it worked. He would then put in the new blade to show how well it worked and then leave quickly after making a sale!” Someone replied.

“That thing is called a Kenberry blade sharpener.” That’s the only picture I can find that shows that. Many people had them lying around because they didn’t work very well, so they used them for different things. Someone else said.

At the same time, someone else thought of another way the tool could be used. “Not a sharpener for razor blades.” It’s a place to put a dish towel. It fits on a cabinet handle. It’s very easy to slide the towel in and out. My grandma owned this one. In the 1960s, she sold them in her grocery store next to the dish towels.

The tool is very old, so it might be hard to figure out what it was used for. In any case, it’s a lovely little piece of hand-made history that, if nothing else, is fun to talk about.

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