Tom Cruise Has a New Girlfriend and She Might Be Richer Than He Is

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Image Credit: Elsina_k Instagram

Tom Cruise is seeing the daughter of a well-known Russian MP.

Elsina Khayrova, 36, is the daughter of a famous Russian MP and the ex-wife of a diamond-trading oligarch. She was seen at a party in London’s Mayfair with Tom Cruise, 61. The time period during which Khayrova met Cruise is not clear. That being said, she is not new to the internet. She shows off her fancy life on Instagram, where she has over 8,000 fans. “They were together the whole time; it was clear they were a couple,” said a guest at the mostly Russian event. “He looked like he was crazy about her.”

Image Credit: Elsina_k Instagram

The two people are said to have shown up to the Grosvenor Square party together around 9 p.m. on Saturday. Surprise and thrill the other guests. Before dancing with her Top Gun co-star, Miss Khayrova stood for pictures with Avramenko Aliena, a former Miss Europe contestant, wearing a black dress with a diamond bow that didn’t have any straps. It is said that Cruise and Miss Khayrova left the event together early in the morning.

They were shy around cameras and had a great time.

The source said, “Cruise was very friendly; people kept asking him for pictures, but he politely declined.” “In the end, the DJ had to say in Russian that Mr. Cruise didn’t want any pictures.” He danced with Ms. Khayrova for most of the night, but there was one time when he was just jumping around in the middle of a group of women.

The British-born model used to be married to Russian businessman Dmitry Tsetkov. They shared a $27 million home on the Wentworth estate in Surrey. There are also $22 million homes in London. The couple also had homes in Dubai and Cyprus, as well as art, jewellery, and cars worth millions of dollars.

Image Credit: tomcruise Instagram

A split that got attention because of a $1.2 million collection of handbags

In the summer, their nasty split made the news because Miss Khayrova was accused of hiding large amounts of money from her ex-husband. Including her collection of $1.2 million handbags. A lot of news sites say that Khayrova has worked as a model in the past. In addition to being in ads for names like Graff, she has also been seen at Victoria’s Secret events.


While Cruise hasn’t been tied to anyone in public since his divorce from his third wife, Katie Holmes, 15 years ago, he was recently said to be dating Shakira and Hayley Atwell, who played his co-star in Mission: Impossible.

The American Scientologist doesn’t talk about his love life, but he is always happy to talk about how much he loves Britain, where “everyone is so pleasant” and “well-mannered.” “I guess I’m an Anglophile,” the star said. It’s not just for work that I spend a lot of time in Britain. “I love being here so much.”

The shot shows him at Goodwood, Wimbledon, and the Euros football final all in the same day in 2021. In fact, David Beckham, James Corden, and Gordon Ramsay all came to his party in the Cotswolds for his 60th birthday. Now that the star has a good reason, he might spend more time on that side of the Atlantic.


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