16 of the Most Stunning International Borders

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16 of the most beautiful borders in the world

We are who we are because of the borders that separate us. One society is separated from another by simple lines on the ground, which could be man-made or natural.

The lines between countries are often some of the most fought-over and heavily guarded spots in the world.

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful and impressive foreign borders.

16. The country of Haiti and El Dorado

Haiti Dominican Border
Source: NASA/Wikimedia

There is a line between Haiti (on the left) and the Dominican Republic (on the right) that makes you wonder where all the trees went. The river that separates the two countries has very different rules about cutting down trees, so Haiti has a nearly empty landscape and the DR has a much more appealing green oasis.

15. New Mexico and the United States

USA Mexico borders
Source: U.S. Military/Wikimedia

In order to help stop illegal immigration, U.S. border patrol has left a lot of land empty on the border with Mexico [right]. The border between the two countries is one of the busiest in the world and is just over 3200 km long.

14. Pakistan and Afghanistan

afghanistan border torkham gate
Source: U.S. Army/Wikimedia

The picture above shows a U.S. Army soldier keeping watch outside of Torkham Gate, which is one of the key entry points between the two countries that were just at war with each other.

13. The Swiss and Italy

italy Switzerland border mountain
Source: Hejkal/Wikimedia

There is a single hut in the high alps that is on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is used as a study centre for low-temperature climates. You can only get to the one-of-a-kind building on foot. It was built by the Queen of Italy in 1893. The current building was remodelled not long ago, and it is still used to help with the development of scientific works at high elevations.

12. In Bolivia and Brazil

brazil Bolivia border
Source: NASA

As you can see, these are again two countries with very different rules about cutting down trees. On the left is a map of Brazil. From the river that divides the country from Bolivia on the right is a map of Colombia.

11. The United States and Canada

usa canada border
Source: Anupam_ts/Flickr

The border between Canada and the United States is the longest foreign border in the world, at almost 9000 kilometres. From one country to the other, the Rainbow Bridge is what you see above. There are times when a small clearing through the forest is the only thing that separates the two very big countries.

10. Egypt and the Israelis

egypt israel border
Source: Chris Hadfield/NASA

The border between Egypt (on the left) and Israel (on the right) is easy to see from space, even though it is just a made-up line that was chosen not long ago. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut commander, took the picture above while he was on the International Space Station. It’s amazing to think about how important a line can be for how land is used and how the land develops.


9. China and Nepal

mount everest china nepal border
Source: Wikimedia

It is one of the highest foreign borders because Mount Everest is right on the line between Nepal and China. There is a lot of disagreement about which country the top of the world’s biggest mountain is in, but Google Earth says it is in China. You might have to go up the mountain to find out.

8. Spain and North Africa

spain border
Source: Mario Sánchez Bueno/Wikimedia

Spain built a long fence along the border with Morocco to keep illegal people coming through the country out. This is similar to how the border between Mexico and the United States works.

7. Belgium and the Netherlands

netherlands belgium border
Source: Jérôme/Wikimedia

The town of Baarle is right on the line that separates the Netherlands (on the left) and Belgium (on the right). It is one of the cutest borders on the list. You could have a cake in one country and a cup of tea in the other.

6. South Korea and North Korea

South Korea Viewed from the North
Source: John Pavelka/Flickr

This could be one of the most highly guarded borders on the list because it is in the demilitarised zone between the two countries. The United States still has troops on the side of South Korea, so the two countries are legally still at war.

5. Australia and The Rest of the World

Australia beaches
Source: Lenny K Photography/Flickr

Even though it’s not what you’d expect, Australia’s coast and the three oceans that circle it are still a border. There are more than 10,000 beaches in the country, and all of them have beautiful views like the one above.

4.Those of Norway and Sweden

norway sweden border snowmobile
Source: Imgur

The line that used to be forests and is now the border between Norway and Sweden is a great place for snowmobilers to ride.

3. Brazil and Argentina

sunset brazil waterfall
Source: Chensiyuan/Wikimedia

Some parts of the Iguazu Falls are on the line between Argentina and Brazil. They are between 60 and 80 metres high. In the bottom right corner of the picture above, you can see that there is even a platform where you can get a better look at some of the beautiful sights. You should put this place on your list of places to visit.

2. Slovenia and Austria

slovenia and austria border
Source: Johann Jaritz/Wikimedia

Two obelisks stand on a high mountain pass to mark the rough border between Austria and Slovenia.

1. The Vatican City and Italy

vatican city border
Source: Diego Cambiaso/Flickr

There is a queue at the entrance to St Peter’s Square between Italy and the small city-state of Vatican City. This border, which is home to the Catholic church, is one of the most popular with both tourists and locals.

There are a lot of different types of borders. Some are just a small mark on the ground, while others are highly guarded by fences and troops. But one thing is for sure: these man-made lines are some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the plan.

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