25+ Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe You’ve Probably Never Seen

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You are currently viewing 25+ Rare Photos of Marilyn Monroe You’ve Probably Never Seen

Marilyn would become one of the most famous actors in the world. She was known for her blonde bombshell looks and her rocky relationships with famous men. Marilyn’s soft voice, gentle manner, and beautiful smile won her fans all over the world, even though her personal life was a mess. She was also a smart businessman who changed the way films were made. Here’s how her life has changed over the years.

1926: Her mother held her
Gladys Baker is holding her daughter Norma in this picture. When the baby was only two weeks old, she took her to her first foster home. Before Gladys was hospitalised for a while because of paranoid schizophrenia, she went to see Norma and even lived with her daughter for a short time. She would spend most of her time in and out of hospitals.

In 1927, she posed for her first picture.
In what is possibly her first formal portrait, six-month-old Norma is shown.

1928: Taking a picture at age 2
Here, Norma is two years old. She was living with her first set of foster parents at the time.

1929: Time spent at the beach
Gladys, Norma’s mother, came to see her often when she was young.

1931: She smiled with her signature grin
This picture of Norma, when she is five years old, shows her beautiful smile.

1933: Having fun with dogs in the neighbourhood
Norma loved dogs and had them for most of her life, even when she was dying.

1940: When I turned 13
For this formal picture, Norma is dressed in style.

1941: She was on a boat with friends
Norma (in the middle) is seen with two friends on a trip.

Spending time with family in 1942
Norma did see her relatives from time to time. They are in a diner, and Norma is on the far right, in the middle.

When she was 16, Norma married a merchant marine named Jimmy Dougherty. This was the first time she had been married. The two stayed together until 1946.

1945: At the start of her modelling career
Here, Norma poses for an ad for hair products.

1947: She made her first movie
After signing with 20th Century Fox, Norma did a lot of press shoots in a short amount of time. She changed her stage name around this time. At the time, Marilyn was a famous first name, so she combined it with Monroe, which was her mother’s maiden name.

1947: Working on her style
This costume picture set up by the studio shows how Marilyn started to change from an all-American charmer to a movie starlet.

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