30 Amazing Wood Sculptures Made From The Pieces Found On Beaches

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You are currently viewing 30 Amazing Wood Sculptures Made From The Pieces Found On Beaches

There are 30 beautiful wood sculptures made from beach debris.

Sculpures made of wood are not new. But Jeffro Uitto, an artist who goes by the name “Knock on Wood” on social media, can shape wood in a way that is so different from other artists that it’s hard to even begin to compare. Jeffro cleverly turns different pieces of wood, mostly found on the beaches of Washington State, USA, into beautiful sculptures that usually show animals like horses, eagles, rhinos, lions, and many more.

“On the coast of Washington, there’s a spot where nature’s rubbish can become famous again.” “I am the artist making the magic happen at Knock on Wood,” Uitto writes on his website.

Uitto has an idea of what he wants to do when he starts a sculpture, but he changes his mind as the work goes on. He never knows for sure what his work will lead to. Jeffo says that he has liked collecting wood since he was a child. Especially driftwood that had designs carved into it by the waves. Even though driftwood is hard, it’s almost like it has feelings that come to the artist and inspire them. The artist wants to show that everything has its own “life” through his one-of-a-kind works. One whose story can be told through art.

People are often surprised when they find Jeffro’s shop near the old Tokeland Hotel because most of his tools are made by the artist himself. But as you learn more about the artist, you understand that the custom tools are not only not a surprise, but also something that you should expect. It is clear that Jeffro Uitto is an artist who is deeply passionate about working with wood, as shown by his statues.

“It comes from my love and interest in nature, as well as the endless possibilities of materials.” Seeing how many people connect with these sculptures is really moving. The artist told Bored Panda, “It’s also important to bring attention to these animals, their mysterious beauty, and the fact that they are in danger of going extinct.”

Scroll down to see the cool art pieces for yourself.

More info: Instagram | jeffrouitto.com | Facebook


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