7 Greek islands that aren’t on your bucket list but really should be

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You are currently viewing 7 Greek islands that aren’t on your bucket list but really should be

You should go to the Greek at least once in your lifetime. You’ve probably seen pictures of the clean beaches with turquoise water that goes all the way to the distance. You’ve thought about sitting on a boat in the sun and eating fresh food. But, promise me with a finger that you won’t keep that picture in your mind. *Stretches pinky through the screen* You have to put your feet in the fine sand and look at those beautiful white houses built into the cliffs for yourself. Do yourself a favour, though, and check out some of the Greek islands that don’t get as much attention. You know, the little dots on the map that aren’t on your dream list but really should be.

You thought that Santorini or Mykonos would be the perfect place for you until now. Don’t get me wrong, those islands are beautiful. The sunsets and narrow streets make me feel like I’m on another planet. It’s just that off the beaten road, there are so many other places to see as well. So, why not go somewhere that only real travellers go?

It won’t be easy to get to such peaceful and untouched shores. Most likely, you’ll need to take a small boat or plane. But the trip will be worth it in the end. Choose one of these seven places to visit next, and you’ll thank me later for adding something so sweet to your dream list.

01 Rhodes

What more could you want than natural beauty, excitement, and luxury around every corner? Rhodes might not be the most remote island in Greece. But it’s a good place to start, especially if you want to avoid tourist traps.

DiscoverGreece.com says that this place is all about the vibe. Some of the restaurants are pretty fancy, and in some towns, women bake bread outside in an oven. At the beach, you’ll be able to smell the salt water, and in the town, you’ll be able to smell the food. You could not go through the week without having your head in the clouds.

02 Folegandros

When you travel, you always have to deal with some “roughing it.” But when you’re in places that people haven’t really found yet, you don’t even care. It feels good to live out of a bag and not have things like a curling iron. You’re in the landscape and finding your own spots on the beach. Who cares if your hair is curly and tangled?

Folengandros is one of those places where you leave your worries behind and just go for the journey. It has the beautiful views and beaches of more popular tourist spots, but there aren’t as many people there. According to the Travel Channel, you won’t be able to do much other than walk or hang out in the sun. There also isn’t a five-star resort waiting for you when you get there, but it’s all about the experience. Even so, count me in!

03 Kos

Let’s keep this short and sweet: Kos is a beautiful place for sun and surf lovers. There are springs and beaches with turquoise sea. The island is like a taste of heaven or a summer that never ends.

VisitGreece.com says that you can get to this island from the rest of Greece by boat or plane. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a beach towel, and maybe even a camera. I have a feeling that the Internet or Instagram don’t do it credit. But you might as well try to show your fans back home how beautiful it is. (Do you want to hide this place? Don’t mark the place!)

04 Skopelos

Fans of the movie “Mamma Mia!” will want to visit Skopelos, Greece. IMDB says that this island is one of the main places where the movie was shot. So, look for places where you can re-enact your favourite scenes.

Obviously, you’ll want to bring along some extra maxi pants or a denim swimsuit. You can take a boat, walk around town, or climb the stairs to the church on the hill. How else could you be like Young Donna (aka Lily James) if you didn’t dress the part and have a free spirit? She’d be proud of how hard you work to live your #bestlife. Next stop: one of the other movie sites!

05 Hydra

Hydra should be the next thing on your list of things to do. The Seattle Times says that famous people like Sophia Loren have visited this island in the past. She had a part in the movie “Boy on a Dolphin,” which was shot in the sparkling waters of Hydra.

Here, you won’t have to rough it. But you’ll notice that there are no cars or bikes on the road. That’s a big change from the street you live on in New York City, right?

06 Kastellorizo

Anyone who likes to travel or go on vacation could visit the waterfalls in Iceland or the dreamy spots along the Italian coast. But few people will choose to go to a small island that is far away. The truth is that not everyone wants that kind of peace and quiet. Some people would rather see the sights. They don’t know that they’re missing out on colourful houses and cute cobblestone streets that wind around this jewel in the Mediterranean Sea.

Kastellorizo won’t have those long beaches that you see on social media all the time. But you should set aside an afternoon to look around the sea caves. Galazio Spilaio, also called “Blue Cave,” uses sunlight to make a beautiful natural draw.

07 Ikaria

Last but not least, Ikaria is the underrated island you should go to if you want to completely unwind and get away from the real world. Right now, you’re busy with all the things you have to do. You haven’t booked a trip anywhere in the world because, let’s be honest, you don’t have the time or energy. The Guardian says that this place is known for its natural beauty and, oddly enough, its long life. You’ll want to go here to soak up that fairy dust and live a healthy life, so get your bags ready.

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