It is time for this aquarium to shut down. After that, the penguins go on a “Field Trip.”

As a way to keep COVID-19 from spreading around the world, many places have closed their doors to visitors so that it doesn’t get out. The Shedd Aquarium, which is in Chicago, is not an exception.

Around 2 million people visit the aquarium each year. It has been closed for two weeks to keep the community safe. However, the aquarium isn’t empty at all because, recently, penguins have been taking over for humans. Probably for the first time, these aquatic birds were let out to walk around and see what was around them.

Recently, the Shedd Aquarium, which is in Chicago, had to close its doors to visitors because of bad weather. But they still found a way to keep them entertained through social media. Many places that aren’t open to the public are trying to connect with people through social media. That’s what Shed Aquarium is doing, and their efforts are very good.

People thought the penguins were so cute as they toured the Amazon and met fish and other animals. On Twitter, the videos got more than 100,000 likes.

As strange as this may be for us, for the animals at Shedd, these days are just like any other day. The aquarium said its caregivers are always giving the animals new things to do and see, so they can show off their natural behaviors.

All public gatherings of more than 1,000 people in Illinois and Chicago had to be shut down last Friday. To stop the spread of COVID-19, a lot of venues and facilities had to be closed down. The images are from a shed aquarium.

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