You are currently viewing A 5-year-old girl brought her baby cow friend inside to cuddle (video)

A 5-year-old girl brought her baby cow friend inside to cuddle (video)

A child playing with a pet is always a joy to see. It must be the same special connection between youngsters and animals because there is no cuter pair. Unlike youngsters who usually bond with dogs or cats, cute mini-humans tend to bond with all animals. So when Breanna, a 5-year-old girl, befriended an adorable newborn calf, her mother was overjoyed.

When the woman discovered the baby calf inside the home, her joy faded like a summer shower. Because Izzy, the cute animal’s name, was not alone, but with Breanna, the mom inquired. Which the little didn’t want to do. But very inventive.

So, while Billie Jo is shooting, the young girl claims Izzy suddenly strolled in through the open door, and she just glanced away. Of course, her mother doubted her, so she came up with another story. “You’re lying,” her mother says. ‘Do you want to be honest now?’ The photographs speak for themselves this time.

Breanna starts cuddling and hugging her pet. A sensitive moment to explain to her mother why Izzy is inside. Despite the cute occurrence, Billie Jo is pleased her kid loves animals.

Especially to Izzy, a young rescue that arrived on their land. As a bottle baby, Izzy knew nothing of human touch or interaction. I let my young kid bond with her for as long as she wanted. I wanted to see them bond despite my instincts to warn against it. My jaw fell when I saw this cow begging to be held and cuddled since I, like most, though they were different.” See the cute scene here:

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