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A baby opossum lost its mother in a car accident and was taken in by a kind dog.

When another animal needed help, dogs showed that they had the most caring hearts. Why do these kind animals always want to help and love other people more than they want to be happy? She shows the world what dogs are made of by taking care of an opossum that was left alone.

He seemed doomed to die after his mother tragically died in a car accident. Life in the wild is not possible for a baby animal without its mother to help. Then, this little animal was found just in time, and he was given another chance.

YouTube/Myrtle Beach Safari

This is what Poncho looked like when rescuers found him. He’s now named after his mother, who had climbed up on the side of the road to protect him. Even though he was alive, the chances of him living were very low. Despite this, the rare species found in South Carolina took him in.

YouTube/Myrtle Beach Safari

As soon as Poncho arrived at the sanctuary, he met a Hantu, who quickly became his mother. Hantu quickly became his adoptive mother. When the Rare Species Fund volunteers saw the white dog with the rescued opossum on her back, their hearts broke. The babies opossum spend the first few months of their lives climbing on their mother’s back. A beautiful friendship was formed, and another person was saved.

YouTube/Myrtle Beach Safari

There are important roles that both of them play in each other’s lives. Robert Johnson, a member of the Rare Species Fund, told me this. To make sure Poncho is safe, Hantu won’t leave the house until he is strapped to her back.

Check out the video below for more about this heartwarming story!

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