A Bald Eagle And Its Amazing Reflection

Some say the perfect photograph doesn’t exist. That’s all wrong, as this narrative will show you! Steve Biro is a talented photographer. When he went to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, he took a picture of an eagle flying close to the surface of a pond, which he did.

A amateur photographer, Steve, is currently basking in the glory of his shot that captures a rare phenomenon. It’s all thanks to Bruce, the bald eagle. Steve was visiting the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario when he ran across one of the sanctuary’s most popular residents. The bird was attempting to brush Steve away from his perch.

The majestic bird soared low over a little pond and locked eyes with Steve, at which point Steve took these images. This allowed the humans to take some stunning shots of the bald eagle as it floated freely above the mirrored surface of the water.

Among all the photos Steve took, one stood out. This is the same shot with the gorgeous bird flying directly at Steve. The angle is ideal, and both wings are touching the water, Steve said. Even though he was unsure of how people would react to his shot, it went viral and even made the cover of Reddit.

Steve began photography as a pastime a few years ago and enjoys it because it allows him to see the world through the eyes of a child. Apart from becoming famous for his photos, Steve also got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Isn’t it amazing? He will never forget this amazing encounter.

Image Credit & More Info; steve biro/instagram | facebook | stevebirophotography.com

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