A BLUE, VIOLET, AND EMERALD GREEN BLEND, This Bird is Amazing | Golden-hooded Tanager

It’s been stated that in terms of beauty, nothing beats birds!  Meet Golden-hooded Tanager !!!

Approximately 13 cm (95.1 in) long and 19 g (0.67 oz) in weight, male and female. The adult male has a golden head with a violet-blue eye mask. The upper body is black save for the turquoise shoulders, rump, wings, and tail. Blue flanks and white belly. Females have a greenish tint to their heads, with black speckling on the crown and more white underparts than males.

His flamboyant red forehead and fiery red throat create a color montage of beautiful fluorescent yellows and greens! They have a green head, dark grey upperparts, off-white underparts, and no blue.

The Golden-hooded Tanager’s song is a tuneless rattling series of tick sounds. These birds like the canopy of deep forests and semi-open places such as clearings, secondary growth, and well-vegetated gardens.

They devour little berries and insects whole. However, frugivores feed mostly on Trophis racemosa (Moraceae).

Golden-hooded tanagers forage in couples, family groups, or mixed-species groups. A normal clutch is two brown-blotched white eggs laid in a tree fork or a bunch of green bananas. This species often double-broods, with the first clutch’s young helping feed the second.


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