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A brave man saves a 400lb drowning bear

Black bears are huge. They can reach 6 feet in height and weigh 400-600 pounds. Meeting a large wild animal isn’t on your bucket list. A biologist in Florida saved a massive black bear from drowning by having a passion for wildlife.

While black bears are common in North America, it’s easy to see why they cause concern in Florida. This 400-pound bear ended up in a residential neighborhood in Alligator Point, Florida. He dug into the residents’ trash. But the terrified people quickly alerted the authorities.

Soon after, wildlife officials arrived and tried to tranquilize the animal so it could be captured and returned to the forest. But things went awry.

The bear panicked after being hit by the tranquilizer dart and ran to the ocean. It is unsafe for a sedated animal. Luckily, Adam Warwick, a Wildlife Commission biologist, wasn’t going to watch. So Adam risked his life to save the bear.

Imagine swimming 75 feet with a 400-lb bear. It must be a difficult job. Our hero finished the job after dragging the bear out of the water.

In addition, this rescue operation could have been fatal for both the animal and Adam. While the bear escaped unharmed, Adam received a few scratches.

Eventually, the black bear returned to its home in the Osceola National Forest. Thank you, brave man!

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