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A Bulldog and a rescued Fox become best friends.

Some Disney movies aren’t too far from reality. A gorgeous bulldog and a six-month-old rescue toddler bring to life the Disney classic “The Fox and the Hound.”

In April, Pauline Ashanolla, a 28-year-old lady, saved a two-week-old foxie. Pauline, a woman known for her passion for supporting cattle, was approached by a couple who discovered the abandoned and terrified youngster. Pauline decided to look after the young vixen herself.

She even quit her favorite job as a dog groomer to spend more time with her son. Intensely motivated to help, Pauline named the cub Marley, and it grew into the charming little fox you see in these images.

Pauline also had Ernie, her 4-year-old bulldog. Marley and him developed a beautiful bond along the road.

“We found Marley covered in ticks and flies. According to Pauline, “it was in her ears, everywhere.” She was vomiting big worms, longer than her. She would have perished if I had found her 15 minutes later. “

Pauline feeds Marley for six weeks, every 90 minutes during the day and night. Her worms and ticks came with Marley’s medications.

Now the fox is strong and has a best friend. Pauline told The Kennedy news and media, “I was worried about Marley and how she was getting along with the dogs.”

At first, Ernie feared Marley at first, and she disliked him, but she became closer to him. They started playing together after around three weeks. They started running around together one day and have been close friends ever since.

Image Credit & More Info; (H/T) : kennedynewsandmedia

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