A bunch of cute puppies can’t stop hugging each other every time they meet up with each other.

They show that not just children from the same neighborhood can form close friendships, but also dogs. In a heartwarming picture that went viral, the two were seen greeting each other as if they hadn’t seen each other in years. Besides, the two best friends meet up with each other at least once a week, and they always feel happy when they do.

As a joke, WeRateDogs shared the lovely moment on Twitter. It quickly spread across the web. “The first time we’ve hugged in over a year.” These two friends, on the other hand, have very different lives. We go to the park together almost every weekend with Cooper, a Havanese and Simba, a Goldendoodle. They live in the same neighborhood and go to the park almost every weekend. It’s even more than that: Simba sometimes gets out of the house to visit his best friend.

Roberto Couto

When the two friends turned one a few months ago, they lived in the same neighborhood in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. They have known each other since they were puppies because they live there now.

Roberto Couto

“They see each other on the weekends or if Simba gets out of my yard,” Roberto Couto, the owner of Simba, says. Love each other, and my friend’s daughter is also friends with mine.

The moment the two puppies hugged each other was so cute that it made them very popular on the internet. This made other parents want to post pictures of their pets hugging each other. Some of them:

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