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A camera caught a mother hen protecting her chicks from the rain.

Nothing on Earth is stronger than the love between a mother and her children. When protecting her children, a mother is always ready to do whatever it takes. This amazing connection isn’t more accurate anywhere else than in the wilderness. The hardest place to be born is in the animal kingdom, so maybe that’s why animals always go out of their way to protect their young. This time, a mother hen is a hero for keeping her chicks safe from the weather. The camera caught the beautiful scene, which is heartwarming to watch!

This mother hen wants her chicks to be safe, like any other mother. So when a heavy rainstorm catches her and her little chicks in the middle of the street, with no time to find shelter, the hen wraps her body around them to keep them dry and warm. The event occurred on the streets of the Indian city of Visakhapatnam, and a local filmed it. The short video went viral, making millions of people happy.

The person who took the video wrote, “This video was taken at a local fish market when it was raining hard. We can see mother’s love in nature’s way.” “A hen keeping her chicks safe from the rain.”

At least five chicks can be seen. They are all cute and safe under their mother’s wings, making people all over the internet melt. One person wrote, “Some animals are better parents than people.” One person said the video was “so cute,” while another said, “I wish the owner would keep them under cover like they did with whatever is under that green tarp.” Mothers are always mothers.

Here is where you can see the sweet moment!

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