A camera shows a playful coyote playing with dog toys that were left in the yard.

The home where Brian Chisholm and his dog, Sancho Panza, live in the country was broken into several times last week. Every night, Sancho’s dog’s toys that he left out on the lawn go missing. It seemed like it was taken by an unknown person who liked to steal dog toys.


Sancho did not like it. Chisholm learned that someone else was, though. After being robbed three nights in a row, Chisholm and Sancho were done. They went out onto their property together to look for the toys. They found them scattered in a nearby field.

No one knows who took the toys, but the mystery has been solved. Chisholm was going to try to find out. He set up a camera in the yard and put the toys in front of it. The thief came back the next night, but he was caught on video.

It was a coyote who seemed to have found Sancho’s toys by accident and decided to play with them. When Chisholm saw the proof of the thief, he was shocked. He was expecting a fox, not a lone coyote. His sense of play was the most surprising thing about him. He wasn’t sad at all. Sancho might not have liked letting a coyote play with his toys. In the end, there wasn’t much damage done. Also, he won’t always be able to share them.

In the morning, they go outside and pick up the toys. Chisholm also said that the coyote hasn’t been there for the last couple of nights.


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