A Creature With ‘Bear-Like’ Claws Emerges From The Depths and Frightens Kayakers

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You are currently viewing A Creature With ‘Bear-Like’ Claws Emerges From The Depths and Frightens Kayakers

Kayakers are scared when a creature with “bear-like” claws comes out of the water.

While fishing on the Mississippi River, a mother and her daughter came across a huge animal with claws that looked like bears’.

While Shala Holm and her daughter Avery were fishing near Brainerd, Minnesota, they heard breathing and saw a huge set of claws under their boat.

But before you get too excited and think we’ve finally found a mythical water monster, the animal has been identified as a snapping turtle, a reptile that looks like it came from ancient times and is known for having a very strong bite.

The creature, which turned out to be a snapping turtle, had huge bear-like claws. Credit: Penn News

“Out of the blue, my daughter said, ‘Mom, be quiet! I hear something breathing.'” Shala told us.

“We didn’t see the turtle’s nose swimming towards the kayak for a while.” With each step, we could tell how big it was.

He stuck himself to the fishing basket with his nails as he dove under the boat.

Shala Holm

“We were shocked by how big it was.”

Shala thought this one was about 29 inches across.

“People asked if I was scared, and I have to say I was at the time, which is silly because I’m bigger and hopefully smarter than him,” the 67-year-old said.

“I guess it was because we were in the kayak so close to him, and I wasn’t sure how badly he wanted those fish or if he would try to get in.”

“I didn’t know how to get him out of the basket.” I was scared to grab the handle of the basket because I didn’t know how badly he wanted the fish or how mean he might be.

“Everyone knows that snappers can take the handle off of a broom stick.”

Shala Holm and daughter, Avery. Credit: Penn News

The two were able to get away after shaking their basket loose.

Shala said, “We didn’t see or hear him again until he was holding on to the basket.” Even though my heart was beating fast, I was able to get my phone and take a few pictures.

“I couldn’t believe how big his legs were when he stretched them out. His feet were the size of my fist, and those nails!”

“I thought he might climb to the top of the basket.”

Even though they were “freaking out” about the animal, they went back the next day to take pictures. Shala sent the pictures to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and they told her the turtle might be about 15 years old.

The next time Shala is in the area, she hopes to see the huge animal. Since snapping turtles can live for more than 100 years, it’s likely that she will.

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