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A curious parrot appears unexpectedly on a traffic camera.

While on vacation in Brazil, this turquoise-fronted parrot decided to check out a traffic camera. After a video of the incident was posted online, people couldn’t stop talking about it.

Watching traffic camera footage, it’s difficult to discern anything other than cars and more cars. Even though they were inspecting a busy highway traffic camera, these Brazilian inspectors couldn’t help but laugh. A parrot suddenly struts its stuff in front of the camera, flaunting its massive peak.


In a display of interest, the bird landed directly in front of the camera and began examining it. Despite being less than 13 seconds long, the video quickly became viral once posted online.


Parrot photobombs a traffic camera on the motorway in the city of Curitiba, Brazil

Although the unexpected visitor was only there for a few minutes, it was enough to make everyone happy! This morning, one of our cameras was visited by a special guest,” the operators of the camera explain. Check it out!

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