A cute video shows a panda having the time of its life in the snow, and it’s so cute!

For grown-ups, snow can cause a lot of trouble. The bad weather can cause roads to be closed, planes to be delayed, and people to be stuck in remote places. But not for everyone. If you ask a child, there isn’t a better time to have fun than when it’s cold outside. But it looks like animals, too, are focusing on the fun parts of winter.

A panda and the snow make for a great combination for cute animal moments that make you smile. Because pandas are so cute, they are one of the animals that look cute no matter what they do. When you see a panda having a good time in the snow, it makes your heart melt no point how cold it is outside.


When he tumbles in the snow and pretends no one is watching him, this little guy is having a lot of fun. As luck would have it, the cute scene was caught on camera.


However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an animal completely lose it when they step on the snow. A few years ago, there was a time when the Oregon Zoo in Portland had to close because of bad weather. They also had a lot of fun playing in the huge piles of snow.


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