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A deaf and blind dog meets her grandfather again after a year.

It is so cute when a completely blind dog sees her grandpa for the first time in months. When they meet again, their heart-melting reunion shows how much love they have for each other.

It was about five years ago when Steve met Bitsy for the first time. She was just a 6-week-old puppy then. Steve was a little skeptical when his daughter brought home a puppy that was deaf and blind. He was afraid of what kind of life a dog that couldn’t help would have. But even though Bitsy was deaf and bound, she had a huge heart full of love and kindness. Steve was going to learn about it soon.

The DODO talked to Steve’s daughter, Kristal, and she said that Bitsy is the best dog in the world. “She is bold and sassy, and she likes to go on trips.”

He could only have wanted one thing from Bitsy’s grandpa, and that was friendship and an important bond. Steve didn’t wait to get it to you.

She said that “he quickly became her number one fan and her biggest fan.” She is a great dog, and he will tell anyone who will listen how much he loves her. Grandpa: “He spoils her with treats and toys, as he always does.”

But just like everyone else, Kristal and her family had a rough year last year. They lost a lot of things. Due to the rules, she and Bitsy were not able to see her parents for almost a year. So when it came time for Steve to meet his daughter, and more importantly, his “granddaughter,” he wasn’t sure if the dog he loved so much would recognize him when he came over. Well, that’s good news for him.

As it turned out, Bitsy and her grandpa had a very emotional meeting together. On Facebook, Kristal wrote: “As soon as I got close to her scent, she lost her mind with happiness.” She was so excited. ” So did I, “says the person.”

Aww, this is so sweet.

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