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A diver and a friendly seal have a heartwarming meeting in this underwater video.

All animals need love. It’s true, but we’re expecting to see dogs or cats looking for help from people. Grey seals haven’t got it. It looks like Mother Nature still has some good things for us to look forward to.

The video below shows us that cute relationships between animals and humans can be found even in the darkest places. This is why we should watch it. The gray seal is begging for a belly rub in the video first posted on YouTube in 2014. Since then, the video has been seen by a lot of people.

As you can see, it was a beautiful scene on the water near the Scilly Isles in Great Britain. It was just another day at work for the diver Gary Grayson when an Atlantic seal came up to him.

It didn’t bother the diver because he was just curious as the seal. When you look at the cute little creature in the next moment, it does something completely out of the blue. She got closer and tried to touch the diver’s nose with her own nose as she got closer. But that wasn’t all. There was still more!

He wants the same thing as a little baby who wants a hug from his mom: To get a belly rub. She turned over and begged for a gentle one. Garry’s response came right away because who can resist petting such a cute animal?

Ally McMillan, the CEO of Seal Rescue Island, said to the media: “It really shows how sweet, curious, and dog-like seals are,” she said. The man has seen a lot in his life, from dolphins to sharks, snakes, and crocodiles. But he said that he had never seen anything like this in his whole life.

Ally McMillan: “I’ve been diving with seals before and had them buzz around me, but I’ve never had one that stayed so close for so long and was so friendly.” ‘It was amazing, and I’ll never forget it. I have the video on my phone, and I watch it.’ There is a good chance that talking about it has made all of my friends want to stop me.

Check out the video below!

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