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A diver meets a friendly seal who plays with him and laughs.

People who dive are interested in the world and all the different animals that live there. When you travel under the sea, it’s a good idea to see a lot of rare animals and plants that you don’t see on dry land. Some lucky divers may even come across sea creatures that are truly amazing. When you read about the diver, that was the case. Because this diver had a camera, we can see how he and his friend had a great time together.

He is a diver named Gary Grayson. He met the Artic Grey Seal and a cameraman who was diving in the Scilly Islands. They had been caught on camera having a good time together, which made people’s hearts melt for a long time. You can see the seal getting a good look at the diver at the start of the movie. He looks happy because he has a new friend. There were seals on both of them. When they met, the seal told Gary what to do.

Gary does what the seal wants. He stroked the dog’s belly just like a dog owner would, and then he moved on. The excitement on the seal’s face is clear. Gary has hit the sweet spot! Some belly rubs seem to be making the seal sleepy, but when they stop, it snaps back.

The seal puts Gary’s palm in his mouth and bites it lightly, but not hard. The two look at each other again until he gets a good taste of the rubber diving glove. It’s like they connect without saying a word, just by touching each other, as if they were meant to be together.

Seeing a seal be so friendly with a human even though they were almost extinct because hunters ate their meat, leather-like skin, and oil was a sight to behold. In this video, I saw something that made me want to go scuba diving even more.

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