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 A dog saved a newborn parrot’s life.

The dog was in the backyard of his home with his pet mother, Viviana Davila when he discovered a helpless baby bird.

A newborn Quaker parrot lay on the ground, and Hiro knew something was wrong with it. The brave pup tried to get his mother’s attention, thinking she could assist him in saving the bird.

Hiro remained to stare at Davila, licking the bird, until Davila realized he was attempting to communicate with her.

“I saw Hiro kissing the grass. “Hiro kept licking it and staring at me,” Davila told The Dodo.

When she stepped over, she saw the pitiful tiny bird. Davila picked up the bird and called a vet.

The veterinarian explained that the Quaker parrot was paraplegic and normally recommended euthanasia. But the robin had other ideas. She had a remarkable drive and a strong will to live.

Davila, like the vet, saw the little bird as a warrior and wanted to help it survive.

Davila named the parrot “Hope” in honor of her brave attitude, and she has been working hard to make Hope as happy and comfortable as possible. Hope is enjoying her new life and becoming stronger and healthier. And she adores her hero, Hiro.

Hope and Hiro are inseparable. Hiro is determined to show the small bird as much affection as possible, and Hope is delighted. Hiro rescued this bird’s life, and she’s repaying him with love, thanks, and compassion.

Her future is bright and hopeful with Hiro by her side.

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