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A dog with ears that look like cinnamon rolls was saved from an abandoned litter.

A litter of five-week-old puppies was left behind and taken to a public shelter. When the president of Pit Sisters Dog Rescue, Jen Deane, heard about them, she didn’t think twice about rescuing them.

A group called Pit Sisters recently learned that ten puppies had been left alone.

All of the cute puppies were dirty and had worms, so they needed to be cared for right away.

MacGovern, Laurie Locashio, She picked them up and took them to the vet to get worm medicine. Other than that, they were healthy. The tan puppies all looked the same, but the one with “cinnamon roll” ears stood out. Jen had never seen anything like it before, so she named her Cinnamon.

Cinnamon has cute ears that look like cinnamon rolls, but no one knows why. After the shelter posted her pictures online, it got a lot of attention very quickly. “We did not expect Cinnamon to get so much attention, but we sure are glad she did.”

Cinnamon, her brothers and sisters all needed medical care right away when they were only 5 weeks old.

Cinnamon was lucky to be taken in by a loving family that already had three cute puppies.

She is 8 weeks old now, has a loving family, and no longer lives with owners who didn’t care about her.

It’s clear that Cinnamon’s cute ears made a lot of people fall in love with her right away.

People from all over the world fell in love with Cinnamon’s unique ears after her picture went viral on social media. She was quickly taken in by a family and given the name Kira. As expected, her ears have straightened out and grown longer. But we think she’s still as cute as ever.

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