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A Family Creates A Custom Aquarium For Their Fish-Loving Cat

Cats are clearly interested in fish and like watching them swim in tanks. Cats are naturally curious animals. So they like fish aquariums. The vibrant colors and movement of fish tanks attract many animals, especially cats. Fish aquariums are like televisions for cats.

Jasper the cat is like other cats. He also enjoys fishing. Sadly for him, scuba diving with cats is rare. So his human parents decided to let him have the next best thing, and he doesn’t even have to get wet. Until recently, Jasper had to sit outside the tank and monitor his scaly friends to get a good look at them.

 “Jasper is still the only one of our four cats to truly go up in the box,” Melissa told WhatzViral. Willow, his sister, will occasionally get up but prefers to sit or sleep beneath him. He only stays up there to say hi to the fish. He needs to extend his hind legs, so maybe he gets bored of it. “

So Jasper didn’t feel fully connected in this encounter. Then Jasper’s family had a brilliant idea. These thoughtful individuals ordered a handmade aquarium with an underwater nook. This was done to provide the cat with a 360-degree view of his fish companions. Without a doubt, Jasper loved his new aquarium.

The excitement on his face is captured in a photograph of him enjoying the new fish view. Even the fish in the tank don’t seem to mind the cat peering at them from within. Buying a separate aquarium for Jasper was unnecessary, but it would have been worth it after seeing how much he enjoyed his new underwater vista.

Image credits: jasperthecatfish

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