A fanged deer that was once thought to be extinct has been found again in Vietnam.

This is the first time that a small deer with fangs has been seen in Vietnam since 1990.

More than 25 years ago, the silver-backed chevrotain was last seen. It’s also known as the Chinese water deer or the vampire deer. It’s the first mammal on Global Wildlife Conservation’s list of the top 25 most wanted lost species in its search for lost species.

People learned about it in a scientific journal called Nature Ecology & Evolution on November 11.

When we checked the camera traps, I was surprised and excited to see pictures of a chevrotain with silver flanks. An Nguyen, an associate conservation scientist for GWC and the expedition team leader, said this.

Silver-backed chevrotain’s rediscovery is very good news for the conservation of biodiversity in Vietnam, says Hoang Minh Duc, head of the Southern Institute of Ecology’s Department of Zoology. This is good news for endangered species, he adds. “This also encourages us, with the help of relevant and international partners, to spend more time and effort on the study and preservation of Vietnam’s biodiversity.”

A silver-backed chevrotain has been found again. Scientists are trying to figure out how big and stable the population is so they can figure out what could happen to it.

Camera traps will be set up in two more places, and the information gathered will be used to make a plan to protect the species.

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