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A farmer takes a stray “kitten” he saved home with him, but it turns out to be a baby cougar.

This farmer in Columbia thought he was helping a poor stray kitten, but he saved a wild cat’s life. Elber Guzman was riding his motorcycle when he saw a small animal on the road. He didn’t think twice about helping it, so he did. But after a few days, he was surprised to find out that the tiny cat he had saved was actually a baby cougar!

Guzman only wanted to help because there were so many abandoned animals in that part of the country. So, when he saw the shy kitten, he picked it up and took it home, taking care of it and feeding it. But he soon saw that the little creature wasn’t acting like a normal cat.

Elber Guzman

The kind farmer said, “I found him on the road, and he looked just like a cat. I thought, ‘Poor little animal, he must be lost in this lonely place. I’d better take him home.'” “I looked at him carefully because he had a long tail and round ears, which made me suspicious. Also, he didn’t act the same way as cats kept as pets.”

Guzman called the Tolima Regional Autonomous Corporation, the country’s environmental agency, to find out what kind of animal he may have saved. They sent someone to check on the “kitten.” the farmer saved turned out to be a cougar, not a house cat. The wild animals were about two months old and had bad health because they hadn’t eaten enough.

Elber Guzman

The baby cougar was taken to the Center of Attention and Valuation of Wild Fauna of Ibagué, where he will stay until he is healthy again. A helpless baby animal got a second chance because this farmer was kind.

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