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A friendly whale retrieves a phone that was dropped into the water by accident (video)

Every now and then, you’ll see beluga whales in the ocean. People all over the world were shocked when Norwegian fishermen came across a whale that surprised them and made a lot of news. People on the fishermen’s boat noticed that there was something wrong with the whale when it came over to be friendly. When you remove a fisherman’s harness, you will see that “Equipment St. Petersburg” is written on the back of it.

There are experts who say that no one in Norway, Denmark, or Greenland puts these kinds of harnesses on beluga whales for research. The whale’s Russian-made harness and unusually friendly behavior led to suspicion that the whale had been trained by the Russian navy to be a spy.

While it’s still not clear why the animal was wearing a harness, the “Russian spy” was again in the news. As it turns out, this beluga whale is more than just friendly. It is also very polite. Isa Opdahl was out on the water in her boat a few days ago when she got into trouble.

The young woman put her phone in her pocket, but it fell out and fell into the water. When she thought her phone was gone for good, she saw the same beluga whale with her phone in its mouth.

The whale came close enough for her to grab her phone while one of her friends took pictures. In no time at all, the beluga whale became a social media hit. Many people were amazed by its intelligence. For now, the polite whale is still around the Hammerfest area. Watch this video below.

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