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A grey wolf and a brown bear become friends.

Nature never fails to surprise us. A world in which humans, who are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth, fight and kill each other. Animals from two different species get together and become friends.

When Lassi Rautiainen, a Finnish photographer, got to see a brown male bear and a gray female wolf play together in the woods of northern Finland in 2013, it was a very rare thing to see.

When this couple goes on vacation together, they play together, and they even share their food with each other. There has never been this kind of friendship in Europe, Rautiainen says, and it’s a first for him. This friendship was at least 10 days long, he adds.

Rautiainen adds that he doesn’t know why he and this friend are so close to each other. So, maybe they need each other to live. They are both young and alone.

It’s clear that these two people are friends because they focus on the good things about each other and eat together.

This will make you believe in friendship again.

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