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A homeless dog named Popeye finally gets a taste of happiness.

Well, I’ve done my job. This must be the cutest, cutest puppy in the world. But Popeye’s cuteness isn’t all he has going for him. This little friend also has an interesting life story.
You see, Popeye hasn’t always been a happy, loved dog he is now. This is because this small dog had a hard start in life. After being left on the streets of L.A., the puppy got to see the bad side of life. Popeye used to be a stray who had to work hard every day to find food. Just thinking about how many times this tiny puppy probably went hungry or ate whatever he could find breaks my heart.

His current owner found him on the street and decided to give him a permanent home, which made a big difference in his life. Here’s what the woman told Bored Panda about the first time she saw the puppy on the street: “He was such a mess. He was very thin, with matted hair, and he was dirty.”

Even though the woman already had a lot of dogs and wasn’t looking for another one, she ended up keeping him when no one else wanted to take him in. “It didn’t take him long to get used to living with my other dogs and me. ” My husband and I also fell in love with him,” she said.

The choice turned out to be a good one, of course. Now, they go everywhere together, even to some of L.A.’s most famous restaurants and fast-food joints. Almost every day, Popeye is taken to a pet-friendly restaurant.

The pictures of him with his food are just too cute. Food and puppies have to be the best combination ever.

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