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A kind dog offers his bed to his ill brother.

Nothing beats a dog’s sweet soul when it comes to helping those in need, as this touching video shows. In the now-viral video, an overprotective dog drags his own bed over to his ill brother to soothe him.

Roman and Spanky have always been close. They are intertwined. Like brothers, they play together and look after each other. But Spanky’s recent act left the whole family speechless. And it was all caught on video.

“Spanky has been enamored with Roman since we brought him home,” Jill Rogers of Hopatcong, North Jersey told UNILAD. “He bonded with him and cannot be away from him.”

After Roman got sick, Jill realized how special their friendship was. Jill took the eight-year-old dog to the clinic for an ear infection. They discovered a hematoma, and Roman was booked for surgery. But until then, the poor dog had endured many unpleasant and inconvenient days. But he was never alone as his brother consoled him.

Johnnie: “Spanky isn’t generally gentle.” The large moose was compassionate with Roman when Roman wasn’t feeling well. So he didn’t try to roughhouse or play with him.”

Jill decided to install a camera in the house to monitor Roman while he was away. She had no idea she would see such a lovely scene. Spanky brought his bed to his ailing sibling. Jill was moved to tears by this.

“I observe Spanky pacing for a minute while staring at Roman and then the bed, and then I see him pulling the bed to Roman, almost as if to say, ‘This is for you,'” the woman told The Dodo. “A million times!” It was pure and touched my heart.”

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