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A kind dog shares her daily routine with a homeless man.

A warm and loving heart is something you should have all your life without having to spend a penny. As long as you have a kind heart, not only will living things but also nature love you. An important friendship is worth more than money.

Meet Mimi, a very friendly dog. She lives in Brazil with her owner, Edna Kobori, and they go to the beach every day. A lot of people love her because she is so kind and cute. People love this dog because it has an adorable dance with a man. He is living on the streets and has very little to give. There is no doubt in Mimi’s mind that they aren’t right.

The name of this man is Sebastiao. Every day, he stops to bring Mimi happiness. Her sense lets her know who loves her. When did they become friends? But it looks like they are both giving each other love, happiness, joy, and kindness.

Even a short visit makes them very happy. Gifts that cost nothing but are worth it for the rest of your life are the best example. If you have friends who can help you at least by being a pet and wagging their tails, you are richer than many other people.

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