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A kind golden retriever goes for a walk and returns with a stray kitten.

Even if most of us assume dogs and cats don’t get along, the adorable movie below will undoubtedly change our minds. Because a dog’s compassion for those in need seems boundless.

Everyone’s best buddy, including cats, is a man’s best friend. While we’ve seen innumerable gestures of goodwill between dogs and cats, each new video grabs our hearts. But this time, it’s a sweet Golden Retriever and the stray cat he saved.

The wonderful dog was out walking with his owner when he came across a suffering kitten. Instead of ignoring him or leaving him, the kind dog picked him up and brought him to his owner’s car. The dog’s owner searched for the kitten’s family, but there was no evidence of them, and the kitten’s condition indicated he was a stray.

So the owner jumped in the car and drove home to help the starving kitten. After they arrived home, the man fed the tiny creature, and his situation improved. Surprisingly, the dog remained at the kitten’s side. The dog sensed something was amiss with the kitten and instinctively comforted and loved it.

The Golden Retriever carried the kitten everywhere once he recovered. They grew inseparable. Their friendship is extraordinary, says Viral Paws. “It tells us that creatures of different shapes and sizes can coexist peacefully—a lesson we should learn!”

t/t: ViralPaws

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