You are currently viewing A kind gorilla checks on an injured bird and gently encourages it to fly.

A kind gorilla checks on an injured bird and gently encourages it to fly.

Gorillas are giant apes native to Africa. Mountain and lowland gorillas are two common subgroups. The lowland gorilla lives in deep forests of central and western Africa. While the two categories are extremely similar, they differ greatly. According to the Smithsonian, mountain gorillas have longer hair, while lowland gorillas have short, smooth hair. According to WWF, these are the world’s largest primates.Gorillas inhabit the green and volcanic mountains of Uganda and the DRC.

Recently, a video of a gorilla tending to an injured bird went viral on the internet. The gorilla pushed the bird from the tree to see if it was still alive.

“That bird is hurt,” he thought. The gorilla then prodded the bird until it realized it was harmed. He then tried to support the bird’s back so it could fly again.

“The gorilla left without hurting it. Wow, a large animal could be so gentle. ” But it was.

This occurrence reflected the gorillas’ feelings towards the injured animal. Sadly, these mountain gorillas are at risk because rainforests are being cut down, which means they don’t have a place to live.

Agricultural and mining activities are destroying 80,000 acres of land! Poaching and over-consumption of gorilla meat are also issues. Several conservation projects exist, but more gorillas must be saved regularly.

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