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A kind-hearted woman shows stray dogs that they have value.

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The camera at the entrance of an office building in Georgia was put there to keep it safe from burglars, but it recently caught something far more pleasant.

In its purest form, it has captured the most tender of feelings. In front of this office building, there are a number of street dogs that have set up shop. This location, however, has a definite purpose. An employee of the building in question, Nino Tabatadze, took it upon herself to ensure the pups’ well-being, something she has done for several years.


In an interview, she said: “I give them food and drink. I became friends with them. She shows these dogs that they’re just as important as the people who care for them. When Tabatadze arrives at work, the dogs’ joy is captured in this video, making it all the more real. The video captures intimate moments between the woman and her dogs, who may never have met someone like them had it not been for the video.


“They are really affectionate and warm,” Tabatadze adds, and the dogs find their ally in her. Tabatadze’s own reward is knowing that she was a part of their care. “Being friends with them offers me a lot of joy,” she also said. They’re enlightening and comforting.


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