A kind police officer saves a wild sloth that was caught in the middle of the roadway.

How would you react if you awoke on a foreign planet, where everything was unfamiliar? Isn’t that frightening? As it happens, many wild animals are losing habitat as a result of infrastructure growth. Although it takes only minutes for humans to travel great distances on a highway, crossing one is lethal for wild animals, as we’ve seen time and time again. This is especially true for the world’s slowest animal.

A scared juvenile sloth was in the middle of the road, but thanks to the goodwill of a cop, the tiny animal was given a second chance at life. Sloths are South America’s native mammals, famed for their slowness and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in tropical rain forests. Because of this, the tiny guy became terrified when trapped in the middle of a highway in Quevedo, Ecuador.

FACEBOOK/Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador

After numerous witnesses reported the tiny critter to the local police, they came on the scene for the cutest rescue mission. When the child saw the police officers, he knew they were trying to help him, so he was as helpful as he could be and kept a good attitude the whole time.

FACEBOOK/Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador

When the tiny sloth was recovered, it was transported to the local veterinarian for an examination. The baby one was quickly released into the wild, where it belonged, because everything was good with it. The police wrote on Facebook: “We want to let you know the sloth was rescued and escorted by cops to a vet who said it was in good health to be returned to its habitat.”

FACEBOOK/Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador

Whatever happened, and despite the joyful conclusion, we must ask why the little one was attempting to cross the road in the first place.

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