A little girl was called a “monster” and teased by other kids. She became a princess because of her birthmark.

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You are currently viewing A little girl was called a “monster” and teased by other kids. She became a princess because of her birthmark.

No child should ever be made fun of or feel less than others because of something unique about them. This was something that Luna’s mother knew very well. She was determined to make things better when she saw her beloved child being made fun of. Together, with the help of her loving husband, they worked hard to get their daughter to laugh again.

When Luna was born, she had a marking called a nevus that was very important.

Carolina and her husband, Thiago Tavares, had no idea what to expect when they became parents in Florida. But as soon as they saw their new baby, they knew they were in for an amazing journey. They were so happy that they couldn’t stop hugging their daughter Luna Tavares-Fenner when she came into their lives and made their home full of love.

Carolina couldn’t ignore the voice that kept telling her to take a chance, and when she looked at Luna, she knew it would be worth it. Luna was born with a unique birthmark: a dark patch covering a large part of her innocent face that looked much like Batman’s mask. This unique mark was all over her face, including her eyes, lips, cheeks, and forehead.

Not everyone thought and felt the same things about how unique she was.

Carolina can’t stop thinking about a painful time when a rude woman called her daughter a “monster” and said hurtful things about her. Those words hurt Carolina very badly, which made her feel sad and hurt. Carolina made a firm choice because she couldn’t stand the thought of someone hurting her daughter’s feelings.

The Tavares family went on a life-changing trip that took them outside of the United States. Their main goal was to make sure their beloved princess was safe. In 2019, Carolina was brave enough to tell people they would travel to find specialised care for Luna, even though they were critical and had doubts.

Carolina was so devoted to her daughter that she went above and beyond what most parents would do.

Carolina and her husband worked hard to raise money together, and they got help from both anonymous donors and people in their neighbourhood. They thought that these acts of kindness were nothing short of a miracle.

Their hard work paid off when they discovered that Luna was born with a congenital melanocytic nevus, which caused the dark spots on her face. After a few treatments, their trip overseas helped them make big improvements, cutting skin cancer risk. Luna’s willingness to cooperate amazed the doctors and nurses, especially since children usually get scared during medical processes.

Luna’s charming and happy personality continues to charm everyone who meets her. Her bright smile and shining hair spread hope and happiness and leave a lasting impact on everyone who meets her.

On April 9, 2023, when Luna’s family celebrated Easter, she was happy and joyful as she smiled with her loving parents. She felt very excited every time she was with her parents. They loved Luna with all their hearts and gave her lots of love and fun gifts. They worked hard to make Luna’s world magical and full of magic.

Luna’s future will be bright and full of possibilities, all because of how hard her parents work and how much they love her. It’s hard not to see Luna’s future as full of love, happiness, and amazing things she does.

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