A Look at the Offspring of Some of Today’s Most Stunning Supermodel’s kids (Heidi Klum’s Daughter Is Particularly Adorable)

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You are currently viewing A Look at the Offspring of Some of Today’s Most Stunning Supermodel’s kids (Heidi Klum’s Daughter Is Particularly Adorable)

Supermodels are able to become moms, often many times, despite having extremely busy schedules due to their careers in the fashion industry. Even if mother nature isn’t always kind, the most stunning models in the business sure have it made.

The most beautiful models of today have been analysed by Bright Side to see how much of their “beauty genes” were passed down to their offspring.

Natalia Vodianova’s sons and daughter

37-year-old Natalia Vodianova is a supermodel known all over the world and a mother to five. Her three children from her marriage to Justin Portman are Neva (left), twins Lucas Alexandr and Victor (centre), and Alexandr (right). After she wed Antoine Arnault, she had two more children, Maxim and Roman.

Alessandra Ambrósio’s son and daughter

Alessandra Ambrósio, a Brazilian supermodel and actress of Polish and Italian descent, is best known for her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. After 17 years, she decided to leave the company. Anya and Noah Ambrósio are the daughters of Ambrósio and businessman Jamie Mazur.

Candice Swanepoel with her sons

Several cosmetic and perfume brands use Candice Swanepoel as their spokesmodel. First appearing in a Victoria’s Secret show in 2007, the model has had “Angel” status in mind since 2010. Swanepoel dated model Hermann Nicoli for a total of 12 years. They had two lovely children, Anaca and Ariel, but never tied the knot.

Heidi Klum’s daughter

After giving birth to her first child, Heidi Klum ended her relationship with the kid’s biological father and began dating Seal, who ultimately adopted the child. As Helene became older, she started to resemble her mom more and more. They’ve multiplied from 2 to 4 with the births of Helene Boshoven and Henry Günther. Lou Sulola Samuel, Ademola Dashtu Samuel, and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel. Klum and Seal split up in 2012.

Kim Basinger’s daughter

Daughter of Kim Basinger (an actress) and Alec Baldwin (an actor), Ireland Baldwin is also an actress. The girl had dreamed of being a model since she was little, and despite criticism due to her weight, she is currently working in the industry. Ireland often uploads extremely exposing images of herself on her Instagram profile because she has no shame about her figure.

The legendary Twiggy and her daughter

Twiggy, as Lesley Hornby, became a fashion phenomenon and the first supermodel of the 1960s. It was during her first marriage to actor Michael Witney that the iconic model welcomed her lone child, daughter Carla. Carla has a foot in the fashion industry as a textile designer.

The daughter of Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s daughter, Lila, has begun a modelling career like her famous mom. She has previously graced the covers of several magazines, including her father Jefferson Hack’s publication, and is the face of the Marc Jacobs cosmetics line.

Linda Evangelista with her son

Linda Evangelista, a legendary supermodel of the ’90s, dated French tycoon François-Henri Pinault. After learning that Evangelista was pregnant, Pinault ended their relationship and began dating Salma Hayek. Evangelista had a lengthy legal battle with Augustin’s father after she gave birth to him. She hoped to get child support from him.

Cindy Crawford’s children

Kaia and Presley Gerber lucked out in the family gene pool. Their mom is a famous supermodel, and their dad is a restaurateur who used to be a fashion model. Kaia and Presley are both on the rise as fashion models, with both landing endorsement deals with major labels and appearing in editorial spreads for glossy magazines. In terms of fame, they’re almost as popular as the Hadids.

Doutzen Kroes’ son and daughter

Doutzen Kroes, a top model and actress from the Netherlands, symbolises the Frisians, a tiny but influential minority. The couple, who are parents to son Phyllon Joy and daughter Millena May, have been married for eleven years.

The sons of Karolína Kurková

Karolna Kurkova, a Czech model, became one of the highest-paid models after being named 2007’s attractive blonde lady. She has since been on more than 40 international issues of Vogue. Kurková is happily married to Archie Drury, a film producer, and they have two children together: Tobian Jack and Noah Lee.

The daughter of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper was born to Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and American actor Bradley Cooper in 2017. Although the pair recently split up (in June 2019), we are still looking forward to witnessing the offspring of these two beautiful people as she matures.

Which of these kids do you think got the luckiest genetic hand down?


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