A man gave up everything to take care of his wife, who has been unconscious for years.

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People promise to love each other through sickness and health when they get married. No one thinks about getting sick on their wedding day, but some couples are put to the test by life’s problems. Bruna and her husband David have been going through this hard time for a long time, which makes people admire them.

People all over the world were moved by this couple’s story, which went viral and touched people’s hearts. David takes care of his wife, who has been unconscious for many years. When the tragedy happened, they were both under 30, but David doesn’t lose hope and gives up everything for the woman he loves so much. He lost his job because he was always sick and didn’t have the money to help Bruna get better. So, he made an Instagram page and thinks people will give him money.

It was 2019. On a normal day, David César and Bruna de Sousa were watching TV when, all of a sudden, Bruna started shaking because her heart and lungs stopped working. David said in an interview, “In less than three minutes, she lost all signs of life. We rushed her to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they were able to bring her back to life, but she had been without air for a long time.

David said that Bruna had a disorder that didn’t affect her nervous system’s basic processes but made it so she couldn’t see what was going on around her. In other words, his wife has lasting effects and is in a vegetative state because of what happened.

Bruna was in the hospital for almost two years, and since June 2019, David has spent all of his time at home taking care of her. But since he didn’t have a job, he couldn’t meet all of her needs. And yes, she does need help from experts, medicines, food, and other things even though she is at home.

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The truth is that David’s salary as a driver wasn’t enough to meet his wife’s wants. Because of this, he had to start making money.

Even though many kind people helped them out, Bruna’s bills kept going up. David himself admitted this at the time: “We still haven’t gotten her to quit. But two lawyers are helping us for free. We live off of what people give us.”

Even though they had been through a lot of hard times, there was still hope. David found out about treatment in Canada because the neurologists told him about it. Bruna would have to take the medicine for three years and do physical treatment on top of it if he could get it. But this choice would have cost around $20,000, so the couple had to raise money through donations again.

The young man started to raise money and got $28,000. However, Bruna’s monthly costs are still very high, and she needs even more money. We hope that this money will help Bruna feel better.

Bruna and David’s lives have been different since the turning point that happened more than five years ago. The young man shared photos of their time together on his Instagram page. Also, he works hard to keep his fans up to date on how his beloved wife is doing.

People all over the world are moved by this story. Many people show their support for the couple by hoping Bruna a speedy recovery and David patience and strength. Also, this kind of steadfast love is seen as real, pure love. One of them wrote, “I believe in this love, and this made me cry and inspired me.”

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