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A man saves 62,000 animals with money from his pension and opens a sanctuary.

One day, on a cold evening, a young blind fox was found on the side of the road. He was taken to a safe place. He runs a wildlife sanctuary called Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.

The fox cub’s name was Woody. Over 150 ticks were in him when he was found. Even though he had a bad prognosis, he got better.

The greyhound Orla and the deer Bramble were his friends while recovering. He would eat with them and spend time with them.

Mr. Grewcock said Woody was taken to the sanctuary after a passerby saw him. He is a fantastic fox, but he thinks he is a dog. It is believed that his parents have stopped taking care of him because of something he has been through.

In the middle of his sickness, Mr. Grewcock stayed up at night and fed him every two hours to keep him alive. In a short time, he became a house fox.

Woody then got to know Bramble, who Mr. Grewcock lets run around, and Orla, the pet Greyhound.

He takes care of more than 80 animals at the sanctuary that is Mr. Grewcock’s home, and he says that woody has become very used to his new home.

About 90% of him can’t see. Having him be blind meant that they had to treat him like one. Because he can see, they cannot let him go. Some things make him happy, though, like being home with his best friends Orla and Bramble.

His friends always ask him what kind of dog Woody is.
He started this sanctuary when he was done working in 2001. Over the years, his family and his supporters have helped more than 62,000 animals with their help. His pension paid for many costs that he didn’t have enough money to pay.

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