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A man saves the deer family from being stuck on a frozen lake in Ontario.

Ryan Peterson is a big fan of skating, so the cold weather in Canada brought him a lot of happiness. As it turns out, the three helpless deer who were stuck on a frozen lake didn’t have a clue how to get out of there. Ryan isn’t just a great skater, he’s also a true animal lover, so he stepped up and saved the wild animals. People saw the video after it was shared online and thought it was really funny.

Ryan Peterson

Ryan put on his skates during his lunch break and went for a skate on the Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Before long, though, he saw the three deer struggling to stay on their feet as soon as he arrived. In this case, the thin ice could have broken at any time, putting the animals in real danger. When the kind man saw the danger, he knew he had to do something. He also had to do it quickly.

In order for Ryan to get the deer to dry land, he had to use a rope. He ran back to his job to get one, then ran back to the lake and came back to help.

Ryan Peterson

To get the rope, I went back to work. The ice was still too thin for any kind of vehicle, so skating was the only way to get around. “When I came back, they were still there.”

The skater was very careful when he approached the animals. He put the rope around their necks, then pulled them back to safety. Then, as soon as they felt safe on dry land, they lost their way in the woods.

Ryan Peterson

This caring man gave the three wild animals a second chance. It’s not clear how the animals ended up in the middle of the frozen lake. I’m not sure how they made it out there. There is no doubt that they went out there.

Look at this video below to see how they helped!

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