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 A man took care of a tiny kitten on the subway.

She was riding the NYC subway on her way home when she saw something that would bring happiness to herself and people worldwide.

Roberts saw a man holding a tiny kitten in his lap, and her heart broke when she saw it.

The kitten was wrapped in a towel, and the man was giving it milk from a bottle.

That man seemed so tender and caring as he took care of the kitten that it made Roberts feel like he was right there with him. The cute kitten wasn’t the only thing that made this scene special for Roberts.

It made Rogers want to know more about the man and the kitten, so he went up to them.

In the beginning, she talked with the man for a long time. She learned that he had found the kitten in an alley.

In the beginning, he found her and took care of her. Now, he’s trying to help her grow strong and healthy. Rogers couldn’t help but notice that the kitten looked at him with love.

When Rogers fed the kitten, the kitten looked up at him.

Her whole day looked brighter and more hopeful when she got off at her stop. After Rogers shared her story online, pictures of the kind man and the kitten quickly spread around the world.

People seemed to be moved by the pure love and compassion on display. Rogers’s mood had been changed, too.

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