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A man was seen on tape comforting a mother cow after her kid died.

This is the touching moment when a kind stranger comes forward to console a heartbroken animal. A lonely mother cow had just lost her baby during labor and was sitting alone in the meadow when this kindhearted man spotted her and approached to express his love. The man’s wife captured the touching event on camera!

On his way to see his mother-in-law on Mother’s Day, Benjamin Tipps of Borger, Texas, came across the unhappy cat. He was out walking with his wife when they came across the cow lying in the grass. Unfortunately for the young cow, things did not go as planned, and she was unable to deliver her calf alive after several days of labor. The poor mother, exhausted and heartbroken, was looking for solace, and it came from someone she’d never imagined—a human being.

Kayla Tipps

From the side of the road, the 29-year-old man leapt over the fence and walked up to the cow, where he spent a few moments with her! Benjamin’s wife, Kayla Tipps, captured the sweet incident on camera, and the photographs went viral online!

She was heartbroken and distraught. She was exhausted from labor, Kayla explained to InsideEdition. “She lay down, and Ben sat next to her, rubbing and consoling her.”

Kayla Tipps

Benjamin sat with the cow for some minutes, consoling her. The cow that belongs to Kayla’s mother’s neighbors was pregnant for the second time, and her first calf was born a year ago, healthy and in excellent condition, so no one expected her to have any problems during her labor. However, a tragedy occurred. Despite this, the mother cow is currently healing from her ordeal.

Someone posted the photo online, “A Texas man laid down next to this cow on Mother’s Day to soothe her after she lost her calf.”

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