A mother who had trouble getting pregnant tells her up-and-down story.

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About one out of every five couples will have trouble getting pregnant at some point.

Many people are going through a very hard and trying time, but as others will tell you, being patient and determined may pay off.

Desiree and Ryan Fortin were patient long before trying in-vitro fertilization. They went to God and asked him to help them get pregnant.

After the IVF process, it didn’t take long for them to discover that Desiree was pregnant. But the couple had no way of knowing what was in her stomach…

Desiree and Ryan Fortin met in college and got married in 2009. Since then, they’ve been happy, but they’ve had trouble getting pregnant for a long time.

Doctors told Desiree that she had polycystic ovarian syndrome, low progesterone, and hypothyroidism. She and her husband tried for three painful years before turning to in-vitro fertilisation.

But Desiree kept getting her period instead of getting good results from pregnancy tests. It took a lot of mental energy.

“It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant,” she wrote of those hard years.

So it’s easy to see why Desiree and Ryan were so happy when they finally got the news that their first IVF treatment had worked.

And when they saw the ultrasound, they couldn’t believe there were not one but three kids growing. It turned out that the couple was going to have three babies.

But Desiree and her family still had a long way to go.

Doctors told her that she couldn’t take all three babies to term, even though she was finally pregnant.

“I was too thin, too short, and it was my first pregnancy,” she remembered being told. “However, my hope wounds proved to her that she was wrong.”

In the summer of 2015, the triplets Fortin were born. Desiree gave birth by C-section when she was 34 weeks and 1 day along.

The couple was overjoyed when Sawyer, Jack, and Charlize, who all weighed more than 5 pounds each, were born.

“I’ll never forget the day I had to deliver. There were surprises, as there always are when you’re a parent. “After the triplets were born, Ryan went with them to the neonatal intensive care unit, and I was sent to recovery,” Desiree told Today.

Desiree had some problems and started bleeding, so she had emergency surgery and couldn’t see her sweet kids immediately.

But Ryan FaceTimed with her so the new mum could see her little gifts. After spending two weeks in the NICU unit, all three kids could go home and start their lives.

Ryan and Desiree were very lucky to stay at home with their three babies.

“We are lucky, but being a parent is hard work with the most important job of all: taking care of tiny people. Three times over, our kids have a lot of reflux and colic. “It’s hard to get into a routine, and it’s hard to keep your relationship going when babies cry, you don’t sleep, and you have a new routine,” Desiree said.

Now that the triplets are 7, the whole family seems to be doing well.

You can read about their life and adventures on Desiree’s Instagram page, where she has 150K fans.

“I never thought God would use our story to touch the lives of so many people. “It’s been a wonderful adventure,” she says.

There, she also said that she and Ryan will have another child. So soon, there will be six people in this lovely family!

Thank you for sharing your story and your life, Desiree. I hope it helps other couples who are having a hard time and are dealing with infertility.

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