These beautiful pictures by photographer Drew Doggett show how magically beautiful Icelandic horses are. In his most recent photo series, “In the Realms of Legends,” Doggett went to Iceland to take pictures of the “noble and tough Icelandic horses.” The horses are as much a part of Iceland’s mythology as the land itself, and Doggett’s photos show how both the land and the horses have a magical, ethereal quality. Doggett can also be followed on Instagram. Drew Doggett The famous waterfall in Iceland, Skogafoss, is used as a background for many photos. Drew Doggett Several beautiful horses walk through the clear, cold water as the waterfalls. Drew Doggett Drew Doggett Other pictures are taken at Jokulsarlon, a beach with black sand and sea ice all over it.

Drew Doggett Even though they live in harsh places, Icelandic horses are “extremely friendly,” according to a press release from a photographer. Drew Doggett Drew Doggett, Even Doggett, was drawn in by the colors of the scenes. Drew Doggett On his website, he says about a photo he calls “Noble Light,” “I found this multi-faceted, jet-black rock face to be an elegant match for the white horse, who seems to be lit by a divine light.” Drew Doggett, In, he wrote, “Running free over a rolling expanse of land, you can see that these horses have an unbreakable bond with their home.” Drew Doggett In the end, the series is meant to be a tribute Icelandic horses. Doggett wrote on his blog, “This work is a tribute to them and the amazing, almost unbelievable natural parts of our planet that I have worked my whole life to capture and share.”

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