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A pit bull who was rescued from dog fighting becomes a rabbit companion.

A Pit bull and an adult Flemish giant rabbit aren’t your typical cuddling pals. But that happened in Mindy Hayes’ house.

It is NOT the breed that is great. Grace was used for fighting, then chained to a tree (for how long we don’t know), then to The Anna Shelter, and finally to me. Her age was 10 months. Hayes writes on Facebook: “She is now a happy, loving, wild girl.” But Grace wasn’t so frantic or wild that Hayes feared for Sophie, her pet rabbit from last year. But she was cautious.

Grace and Sophie were acquainted carefully at first, but Hayes soon realized they had an instant connection. “They just bloomed from there,” she told the Dodo. Every day, they cuddle on the couch. Grace occasionally grooms Sophie, which the bunny seems to like. “Grace would groom Sophie till she was soaked if I let her!” says Hayes.

Hayes’s friends and acquaintances marvel at the dog and bunny’s wonderful bond. But Hayes says Grace and Sophie are both cheerful, gregarious, and affectionate. “Their bond is unbreakable,” she writes. Pit bulls are powerful, energetic, and nimble dogs. They are resourceful and motivated. Their main characteristic is “determination”. They will put their heart and soul into whatever they undertake. They don’t give up easily, whether it’s leaving an unfenced yard to explore the neighborhood, ruining your new furniture when left alone, or getting into your lap to kiss you.

Stahlkuppe (1995): “The American Pit Bull Terrier, or Am Staff, is not for everyone.” Because it is a strong dog, it will need to be controlled. Some elderly people or children may not be able to provide that control. Many expert dog breeders believe a new dog owner should not buy an APBT or an Am Staff. An insecure individual who merely wants an aggressive dog to support their own human inadequacy should never own one of these dogs. ” Pit bulls are also known for their incredible affection towards humans. And these dogs love to be petted. They are great cuddlers and love belly rubs. In reality, most pit bulls are lap dogs!

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