A pregnant puppy with a cut ear and 17 gunshots is now a therapy dog.

She sees with her heart and doesn’t need eyes. Kasey Carlin adopted Maggie the Wunderdog lately. Maggie’s story of recovery after unspeakable trauma is wonderful. She’s a therapy dog now.

Someone shot pregnant Maggie 17 times in Lebanon. She’s also deaf. Maggie is a furry miracle because she survived.

Wild at Heart Foundation spent months rescuing this Wunderdog. The group funds animal welfare programs internationally.

“The street dogs of Lebanon need our help,” the website says. Decades of dog inferiority have led to mistreatment, neglect, and even violence. Dogs chained up and used as target practice; pups flung from rooftops and balconies; life-threatening wounds inflicted for “fun” or malicious curiosity.”

Maggie was rescued and flown to England. Kasey Carlin took her in. Maggie didn’t develop long-term crippling behavioral disorders. She learned to trust humans so much that she’s now a therapy dog teaching youngsters about bullying, acceptance, and disability. Maggie healed and transformed Kasey Carlin.

She’s the missing piece I never knew I needed, Carin said. “Before Maggie, I was depressed and struggling. Maggie introduced me to numerous individuals. Maggie always makes new friends while we stroll. Her excitement is contagious, and she befriends everyone she meets.

Carlin says Maggie exudes serenity and knows what others need. Carlin couldn’t name Maggie’s best quality when asked. Confidence, love, forgiveness? She ‘looks’ everyone in the face. Her selflessness. Her tranquility? Carlin praised her ability to adapt to people’s needs and capacities.

Imagine being able to trust again after being mistreated.

“The way she forgave people after seeing her last human. Then Carlin said there was darkness and unspeakable anguish as she was shot four times in the eyes and throughout her body. “That’s her best quality,” I said.

“I CAN’T EXPLAIN HOW SHE FORGAVE LIKE THAT. She’s learned to see with her heart and doesn’t need eyes. Maggie’s life touches many others as she lives with Mishka and Bella. She lives in luxury, cherished and protected forever.

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